Delta’s $1.9 Billion Investment in LAX: What You Need to Know

Delta, one of the biggest airlines in the United States, launched a massive strategy that focuses on revolutionizing the way people fly. With an outstanding investment of $1.9 billion, this well-known airline is determined to bring a whole new experience to users. This service revolution, which is taking place at the LAX in Los Angeles, will take a few more years to hit its main objective. However, today we can enjoy some of its benefits.

May’s Relocations

The first move in Delta Air Lines’ ambitious plan has been relocating its operations from terminals 5 and 6 to terminals 2 and 3. The relocation started on Friday, May 12 and ended five days later, on Wednesday, May 17. Of course, Delta’s relocation caused an impact on other airlines’ operations, which also had to move to new terminals as the whole structure got revamped. This first action corresponds to the airline’s Delta Sky Way.

Delta Sky Way at LAX

With Delta Sky Way, the airline plans to create a whole new experience for users who need to fly. The relocation at LAX, which was the first move, responds to a well-defined strategy, one that includes the connection of terminals 2, 3, and the Tom Bradley International Terminal. The project to connect these terminals through leading-edge modernization and generous investing is likely to take around 7 years to be completed. A great example of this upgrade process is the recent renovations at terminal 2, which had a cost of $300 million.

Simplifying Check-in Experience at Terminal 2

Saying that Delta Air Lines wants to change the entire experience doesn’t explain too much. So, it’s time to present some of the biggest benefits in the airline’s plans to create a new service standard in commercial transportation. One of the immediate effects in Delta’s plans, one that appeared after the recent relocation, is the simplified check-in at terminal 2 with Delta ONE. These facilities do offer an easy check-in experience that takes a little time, even under the most critical security demands. Due to the privileges in the Delta ONE program, users can go through a private hall and save plenty of time.

Current Terminal Connections

Moving between terminals is always a painful experience. With the LAX being one of the biggest airports in the world, this situation becomes even more dramatic. Fortunately, Delta Sky Way’s plans include benefits in terms of transportation between terminals 2 and 3. While terminal 3 doesn’t offer the same simplified check-in experience, users can go from 2 and 3 easily while enjoying all the benefits. Delta placed multiple buses that take customers from one terminal to the other in only a few minutes.

Benefits in a Nutshell

Before we go, it’s important to understand the biggest implications in this billionaire investment that Delta Air Lines is doing at the LAX.

  •  Faster In and Out Times: One of the main problems in flying, the time spent on the ground, is going to get improved by using better locations for entrances and facilities of interest.
  • Closer Partners: Delta also created enough place to have all commercial partners under one roof, delivering more convenience to customers.
  • Growing Number of Delta Sky Clubs: How about taking a shower or relaxing before your next flight? With these clubs, users can have that possibility, all included in their ticket.
  • Renewed Spaces: With Delta Sky Way, the airline is planning to give a fresh appearance and utility to the current LAX facilities. A solid proof of that is the $300-million-remodelation of terminal 2.