Lax-to-City Metro Finally on the Works

After so many years of planning and budgeting, the metro between LAX Airport to Los Angeles’ public transportation system is about to become a reality. The $4.9 billion project has been approved and its construction kick-started recently.

Not only Los Angeles’ residents will greatly benefit from it but the travelers as well, who all suffer too frequently from nightmarish traffic jams, among the most infamous in the world.

But what do we know about this project? What are the implications and benefits for LAX Airport?

The Project

As mentioned before, the transportation project that will finally connect Los Angeles with LAX Airport in an efficient fashion, using the metro system, will cost $4.9 billion and around 5 years until its full completion.

The APM, also known as Automated People Mover, will be the result of this massive project and the responsible of transporting travelers between terminals, to the nearest metro station, and to the rental car pick-up locations. Using the APM will be absolutely free to all users, which is going to be additional motivation to those hesitating between public transport and getting a private vehicle.

In terms of capacity, the APM will be able to move 200 passengers with their luggage. The trains are expected to run every two minutes. The full 2.25-mile track will be completed in 10 minutes, including its six stops.

The Impact

Last year, this airport had 87.5 million passengers, a number that broke the record by a serious margin. In 2017, there were around 84 million passengers, evidencing the year-to-year dramatic rise in users. This makes LAX, according to FAA's numbers, the second-busiest airport in the US.

Now, there are serious estimations about how important this medium is going to be for travelers. Official data says that around 30 million people are going to use the APM every year since its expected completion in 2023. This way, the project is planning to offset the carbon impact of 12 million vehicular miles, miles that will be saved thanks to having a reliable and convenient transportation alternative.

Getting Ready for the 2028 Olympics

Truth be told, there is a massive motivation behind this expensive transportation project for LAX. After the confirmation of the 2028 Summer Olympic Games taking place in Los Angeles, it became evident that this and several other infrastructure investments are going to be made in the short term.

The traffic situation suffered by Los Angeles is beyond terrible and the problem also affects the airport's locations. The so-called LAX train is a serious, hands-on solution that is now being executed by the city.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti stated during the project ceremony that “we can't have a truly world-class airport until we have public transit that brings people right to the terminals." This huge investment, considered long due by part of the public opinion, is another effort in upgrading the experience for those who use LAX.

Without a doubt, numbers will go up in the short term, especially the closer we get to the Olympics. The APM is no longer a vanity project but a pressing need for optimizing the city.