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NFL’s Chargers and Rams Now Together in Los Angeles

Two major NFL teams are now changing their hometowns for Los Angeles: San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams. This is an increasing trend in sports, especially for football. And while for most people this seems like an irrelevant event, it means everything to real fans. These two American football teams have plenty of history behind their backs. The identities of two different cities are in their roots after many decades of exciting and fulfilling experiences. While this may be unfortunate for millions of fans in both San Diego and St. Louis, the relocation implies a new set of opportunities for the people of Los Angeles.

San Diego Chargers’ New Era

2017 has been a big, memorable year for the San Diego Chargers as the NFL board approved the relocation to Los Angeles. This team had a long 56-year run in its hometown. Now, it is the time for a change. During the first two seasons, the revamped Los Angeles Chargers will play at the StubHub Center in Carson, California. Soccer fans may already know this location as it’s the home of the LA Galaxy team. Building a new stadium in San Diego was not a possibility after all. Now, the Chargers are aiming to the HKS Architects’ ongoing project for a mega-stadium. After the two seasons at the StubHub Center, the team will probably move to the new one in Inglewood. This succession of events is expected to be the bright future for the Chargers.

St. Louis Rams’ Return to Los Angeles

A year ago, NFL approved the plans of the St. Louis Rams to relocate to Los Angeles. Nonetheless, this will not be the first time for the team to show up in the City of Angels. For many decades, the Rams were based in this city, as any NFL history fan can tell. Now, the Los Angeles Rams have around a year in this city, after the board approved its petition. One of the burning motivators was fueling the professional football industry in Los Angeles, which have been weak during the last few decades, despite its massive potential on social and commercial levels.

Two Football Titans in One Place, for You to Enjoy

This didn’t happen by chance. Both teams’ boards have been planning relocation to Los Angeles for a while ago. There is an increasing interest in developing a large-scale project in Los Angeles with the goal of transforming the city into a sports powerhouse.Now, if you will visit Los Angeles any time soon, you can experience this historical era yourself. The NFL has great hopes in this project and plenty is being invested in delivering a satisfactory experience for old and new fans alike.

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