Elon Musk’s The Boring Company: Initial Progress Begins in Los Angeles

We cannot simply stop hearing about Elon Musk and his ambitious projects to revolutionize transportation in every single way. With Tesla and SpaceX, Musk has proven to be a visionary when it comes to new, more efficient ways to transport from point A to B, even if B is out of our own planet.

Latest Musk’s endeavor in terms of transportation is The Boring Company, a geotechnical engineering company that is focused on making tunnels for enhanced transportation. It may be quite surprising to know that this company was conceived shortly after Musk had a very uncomfortable experience in Los Angeles: spent a while stuck in the traffic.

As most people know, Los Angeles suffers from dramatic traffic problems. With way too many vehicles and a very poor transportation infrastructure, commuters are practically condemned to suffer. After experiencing such thing, he decided that Los Angeles deserved better.

The Entry Plans for LAX-Los Angeles

Before its first birthday, The Boring Company is about to begin with its first project, which involves a narrow tunnel and metal skates that ferry cars from one point A to B. According to initial statements, the ferry would travel at 125 mph (200 km/h) underground.

Musk told through an Instagram post that The Boring Company’s first tunnel would run from the LAX to Culver City, Santa Mónica, Westwood, and Sherman Oaks. Such network would expand exponentially if everything goes as expected, both on technical and reception levels.

Government’s Approval

Building a tunnel has a significant impact on the environment and lately, public institutions think twice before granting full permissions to a building company. Hawthorne’s City Council, where Musk’s companies are headquartered, approved an agreement to review the project’s effects on health and environmental levels.

But beyond that review, Hawthorne officers seem happy with what Musk wants to do in the city. The first two miles of the tunnel would begin at SpaceX headquarters, a location that is receiving a lot of attention.

Because the tunnel entrance at SpaceX was already built, it has been working to attract key people and share the enthusiasm. Hawthorne Mayor Alex Vargas visited the place alongside with Musk months ago, an occasion that worked flawlessly for the Mayor to express his excitement about the ambitious project.

Nevertheless, he also made clear the city’s position on the project. “Elon Musk likes to move quickly. That’s a good thing. (We) want to have continuous progress. We want this to succeed. We’re behind him on this. My concern is to make sure the city is protected and to make sure this goes off without a hitch”.

NY-DC Hyperloop Plans

While Musk’s The Boring Company seems to be focused on improving transportation for LAX, Los Angeles, and everything in between, there are other interesting, even bigger projects on the works.

High-level officers in Washington D.C. are positive on SpaceX and Boring’s Hyperloop, initially on the project that proposes an electromagnetic propelled Hyperloop train going from New York to D.C., taking only 29 minutes. Tentative stops are Philadelphia and Baltimore.