Top 5 Airports in the US

In perspective, the United States continues to have some of the biggest and busiest airports in the world. The country has invested billions since the early decades of the 20th century. Now we count on an extraordinary infrastructure that is being used by hundreds of millions of travelers every year, both locals and foreigners.

But which is the best airport in the US? Hard to tell. Some of them have similar numbers in terms of traffic and are constantly investing resources in order to enhance the experience for passengers, modernizing both the infrastructure and the process.

It's also true that the amount of travelers doesn’t define the quality nor the performance of an airport, on the contrary. While delivering a good experience when handling massive numbers in terms of traffic isn’t easy, the truth is that travelers will always try to fly through well-recommended airports.

In the following lines, we’ll comment on what we consider the top 5 airports in the US

Portland International Airport (PDX)

Do not confuse PDX with PWM, the latter being the Portland International Jetport located in Maine. The one we are treating here is located in Oregon as it’s one of the best-rated airports in the country by experts. By the numbers, it may be considered a small airport, with almost ten million travelers every year. However, one of the biggest in our list.

PDX is an example of accessibility and convenience. This airport is optimally connected to the city with all kinds of transport mediums, like the main roads, bike paths, and a light rail line that is always working. This makes PDX a fantastic airport that is pleasant to visit.

Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Let’s visit California now. Our second choice is the Long Beach Airport, a cozy location where pleasure meets business. This is a small yet active airport that brings back memories from the mid-20th century. It continues to deliver the striking sensation of the glamorous old days.

With an 80.99% rate of on-time arrivals, it’s one of the favorites for those who value punctuality. Yet, when we say it’s small, we meant it. With less than ten restaurants operating, you can get the idea.

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

By the numbers, TPA is highly similar to PDX in terms of traffic, almost tied. Still, it is considered by connoisseurs as a highly innovative airport. During the past century, the Tampa International Airport led the technological evolution of airports in the US.

For a while, it got stuck in time. But today we are seeing how ambitious plans are starting to be implemented, changes that will transform this airport and place it back in the lead once again.

Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

If you do some research online about the best airports in the US, you will find that the majority agree on this one. The Indianapolis International Airport continuously receive the appraisal from experts, sometimes mainly because of its food offering.

With almost 5 million travelers every day by 2017, the direction has reported substantial increases. Now with Delta offering non-stop flights to the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, traffic is expected to grow exponentially.

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV)

Our last entry is going to be the smallest airport in the list by the numbers. Even with a little bit more than 2 million travelers last year, we believe that this airport has plenty to teach to its biggest siblings.

With an 81.35% rate of on-time arrivals, this is one of the most efficient airports in the country. But there is more: it doesn’t feel like an airport but a country club. Its unique style invites travelers of all kinds to get comfortable, just like at home. Ideal to walk around, enjoy shopping, and eat delicious food.