Top 6 Things to Do in Los Angeles

You can easily make the best of Los Angeles if you know where to find. This is a big city with countless things to do but some are simply better than others. The entertainment and artistic scene keeps expanding, giving more options to both locals and tourists. Still, the city’s classics continue to be a charm.

From visiting jaw-dropping venues to celebrating history in its many forms, Los Angeles offers you a wide array of options if you are planning a visit soon enough. Let’s review the top 6 things to do in Los Angeles.

Dare with the OUE Skyspace LA

This young attraction opened about two years ago has become a huge interest for those who like adrenaline and extreme emotions. The OUE Skyspace LA slide is completely safe but always capable of giving you the exact opposite sensation. The glass slide is 1,000 feet above ground, which gives you a superb view of the entire city. You can do it anytime but try to get a sunny day for better views.

Experience Fame at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

We dare to say that most of the tourists that have been lucky enough to visit Los Angeles have also visited the epic Hollywood Walk of Fame during their trip. This is one of the most special and nostalgic locations of the city, always filled with tourists seduced by the Hollywood lifestyle. Today, more than 2,600 stars can be seen on the sideways of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, those engraved with the names of world-class artists, personalities that have shaped the Western culture.

Visit the La Brea Tar Pits

One of our favorite options in Los Angeles, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time, is the La Brea Tar Pits. This option is both outdoors and free. When visiting it, you will have the chance of seeing the extraordinary tar pits that have been the result of our planet’s evolutions during the millennia. Alongside with the intimidating pits, you can also visit the museum, where fossils recovered from the tar are in public exhibition.

Enjoy at the Universal Studios Hollywood

We cannot talk about things to do in Los Angeles without mention the Universal Studios Hollywood, the epic attraction that is particularly well known all around the world. Opened in 1915, this place isn’t only for movie fans but for everyone with the desire of seeing the Hollywood machinery from its heart. A vivid experience to remember.

Know the Santa Monica Pier

Among the most iconic locations in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Pier and its century-long history stand out. Being open all year round, the pier receives millions of visits from both locals and tourists. Its free entrance makes it even more appealing. But what is the pier giving us? Besides a precious seaview, there are abundant attractions, fishing activities, restaurants, and stores. Not only an icon of LA but of the entire country.

Join the E3 2018

Love video games and technology? If so, the E3 2018 is the perfect activity for you. In June and during three days, the biggest video game and technology companies in the world will meet in the Los Angeles Convention Center. The entrance comes with a cost but it will grant you memorable moments, where world premieres from these industries will take the stage.